Courtesy Merv Porter
Small Business Computer Networks


Set the proxy settings:

  1. In Web Proxy settings in Internet Service Manager, verify that the external NIC address does not show up in the Proxy's Local address Table (LAT). If the NIC address does, remove it.

  2. Configure Proxy AutoDial not to have a phonebook entry to dial, and clear the dial out credentials.

  3. Disable Proxy Dial on Demand.

  4. The winsock proxy client should not be installed on the SBS itself.

  5. Internet Explorer on the server should have NO proxy settings.


Configure Exchange.

If the Exchange Internet Mail Service (IMS) is configured to dial out, it will have to be changed to connect through the LAN. Use the following steps to accomplish this:

  1. In the Exchange Administrator program, select the IMS under configuration\connections and press ENTER. This will present the IMS properties screen.

  2. Click the Dial-up Connections tab and click to clear the connection that is selected under the Available Connections section.

  3. Click the Connections tab and verify that the Dial Using check box, located in the Message Delivery section, is not selected.


Binding Order

  1. Right-click Network Neighborhood, and then click Properties.

  2. Click the Bindings tab. In the Show Bindings For box, click All Services.

  3. Set Internal NIC at top of binding order, followed by External NIC, followed by WAN wrappers